Perfect Pair
At the recent Stockholm Furniture Fair, British design firm Layer launched a fresh update on their Pair chair
The Kubu Range by La Grange
La Grange has restocked the highly popular and super stylish Kubu outdoor range
masters of their craft: junaid hamid
Junaid speaks the language of precision, detail and artful upholstery
masters of their craft: tish moldenhauer
Tish speaks the language of management, operations and care at SHF
masters of their craft: mark kelman
Mark Kelman speaks the language of welding, airbrush pistons and fire - we get an exclusive look in SHF's new collection
SHF is a leading artisan business, where outstanding quality and innovative design is at the forefront of their furnishing world. With galleries across the country and a virtual store, SHF always exhibits their creative talent in the most effective way. Mark Kelman is considered the 'Metal Man', where sleek lines and the combina
take a seat on Italian luxury
We've got our eyes on the simple yet sophisticated Ava chair
4 Heavenly Hammocks
We're celebrating Hammock Day by sharing some of our favourite contemporary designs
Blanket Throne
Seating you'll just want to wrap yourself in
Rush Hour
The new Rush chair marries tradition and technology
A Guide to Buying Modernist Furniture
Tips for sourcing classic Mid-century Modern pieces
If you've picked up a copy of our May 2016 issue, you'll likely have noted that one of the homes we feature, a quirky 1960s flat owned by the discerning Frikkie Snyman and Braham van Wyk, is an ode to classic Mid-century Modern furniture. Because this pair has such a great eye for this style, we asked them to offer up a few tips for anyone sourcing Modernist furnishings. 1. know your stuff As with any design movement, it's important to understand the style and how it originated. Modernist design is represented by many movements and schools. Get to know the designers, their pieces and who holds the design rights.