A continent curated at the 2017 Art Africa Fair
We round up the top 5 things we're excited for at this year's Fair
Art in small spaces
Dylan Thomaz shares his ideas for displaying a large art collection in a small living space
Marsi van de Heuvel puts on a radiant show at Smith Studio
'Ceremony' presents a notable shift in focus for this meticulous artist, who swaps starry skies for fields of flowers
Atang Tshikare and the guilded creatures
Southern Guild's Best Designers and creatives Go Primal for Design Miami 2016
Feminist Art
We Look at the Life and Work of Four Prominent Feminist Artists
From tapestries to knitted installations, a compelling new exhibition pieces together art that challenges the idea of 'women's work.' In our December issue, we explore this thought-provoking display curated by Ernestine White. In recognition of the 16 days of activism movement, which runs from 25 November to 10 December, we e
Trevor Coleman Sculpture
This Outstanding South African Artiste Plays With Geometry and Colour
an interview with Khanyisile Mbongwa
We talk to a multi-dimensional creative about life, empowerment and what lies ahead
The Power of the Artistic Duo
An Interview with internationally lauded visual artists Maja and Gerhard Marx
Spotlight on Kilmany-Jo Liversage
Kilmany-Jo Liversage aka. Orda is spraying her way through the art world
Architectural Artists to Watch
Meet the creatives that are turning urban buildings and landscapes into artworks
The traditional approach in architecture has always been to turn sketches and renderings into buildings, but an increasing number of creatives are now also turning buildings into artworks. We caught up with three local architectural artists who are blurring the creative lines to learn more about their craft. +NESS Founded by Max Melvill and Jamil Randera, +NESS was the outcome of the duo's interest in the distinctive personality of city buildings, and the unique, personal connections people have with the buildings around them. 'We wanted to uncover each building's soul, or "NESS", as a means of distilling them to th