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Jessica Doucha on the fine art of screen printing
We speak to the interdisciplinary visual artist about her beautiful - and laborious - art form of choice
8 contemporary black-and-white artworks
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Design Icons: the Noguchi table by Isamu Noguchi
Aptly described by Herman Miller as a 'sculpture-for-use', the Noguchi table is famous for its impeccable form
aural planes: an interactive chandelier
Art, science and technology converge in an extraordinary light sculpture that reacts to your aura
Art, science and technology come together in an extraordinary light installation that displays human emotions and energies as a harmonious array of colours and sounds. Aural Planes, a design partly created by Drew Seskunas, allows you to feel as though you’re interacting with a sculptural chandelier specifically customise
In the round with ceramic artist Lucinda Mudge
We chat to ceramicist Linda Mudge about her newest collection 'The Wolf is Always Near', which debuted at the Everard Read Gallery in London
Chroma: An Ode to JD Okhai Ojeikere
After discovering the work of the late JD Okhai Ojeikere, Medina Dugger is celebrating it with a contemporary update of her own
7 artworks from this year’s winter sculpture fair
Despite the cold and wet weather, lovers of art, food and wine came out in full force to enjoy the 2017 Winter Sculpture Fair
printed matters: the textile art of siwa mgoboza
The young artist's work plays off the strength of a South African print staple, shweshwe
getting to know kossi aguessy
The Togo-born artist talks about his foray into the design world, what inspires him and his future plans
Image credit: Bart Heller We chat to established Togolese artist Kossi Aguessy about the inspiration behind his Koreo sidetable and ‘I.Doll. II. The Sun Bronze’ – as well as what he’s got planned for the future. Why did you choose to use metal for the Koreo sidetable and ‘I.Doll. II. The Sun Bronze’? In order to bring a touch of accessibility to my art game, I turned the original aluminium ‘I.Doll. II. The Sun’ into twelve bronze editions. I love and respect the nobility of traditional materials and have always had a natural attraction to them. The Koreo sidetable comes in three