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5 graphic sofas we love

Introduce print and texture into your home with a patterned sofa that takes a cue from the fashion world. Inspired by Proenza Schouler's spring/summer 2017 show, this look is bold, beautiful and full-on.

pop culture

Foliage sofa Image credit: Kartell

Cheeky, playful and plush, the Foliage sofa combines comic book-style illustrations with an organic silhouette. Designed by Patricia Urquiola, who focuses on the dialogue between nature and the artificial, the couch seems to have grown from the earth and its top-stitched quilting is reminiscent of leaves. By using a vibrant fabric, Urquiola reveals how well natural- and man-made creations can function together.

mix it up

Image credit: Roche Bobois

In the 1970s, painter, sculptor and designer Hans Hopfer created the iconic Mah Jong lounge sofa. Typical of his innovative and informal approach to comfort, the seating cluster has three basic elements that can be combined or stacked, allowing for a variety of colour and print combinations. Today, this sofa is 'dressed' by Missoni Home for an elegant yet exuberant effect that features chevron stripes, florals and graphic patterns, giving the Mah Jong a fresh, new look.

side by side

Pop patterned sofa Image credit: Kartell

An 'infinitely repeatable' modular couch, the Pop sofa by Piero Lissoni with Carlo Tamborini is a versatile product comprising identical, single-seat modules that can be placed side by side to create seating ranging from a two-seater to a 10-seater. It's available in a series of lively and imaginative Missoni fabrics including Vevey and Cartagena. Devoid of colour, the fabric's graphic print is reminiscent of a colouring-in book and its eye-catching florals act as a striking focal point.

shapely style

Profile patterned sofa Image credit: Roche Bobois

Achieve an unusual look with two of the same sofas each upholstered differently, as Roche Bobois has done with their Profile Sofa by Roberto Tapinassi and Maurizio Manzoni. Here, a lush, rich blue is given an edge when placed next to an intricate pattern. It's a sofa match made in heaven and makes for an alluring interior that features a welcome touch of imagination.

bush baby

Veld couch Image credit: Dokter and Misses

The Veld Couch is a collaborative effort, bringing together the hand-felted stone shapes of textile firm Ronel Jordaan and the geometric metalwork of design company Dokter and Misses. Muted upholstery allows the metalwork to stand out, creating a sophisticated couch that uses graphic print in a subtle yet inspiring way. The combination of soft, organic forms plus patterned latticework is testimony that the best of both can result in something completely original.
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