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Trends to Leave Behind This Year

Here’s our pick of the 10 trends you can leave in 2018 – plus a few suggestions of what to choose instead in 2019

Greg Cox, Nathan Dumlao/Unsplash, Supplied

Trends come and go – and for good reason. While we all may have loved these offerings at one point, it's time to move on to something bigger and better in 2019.

1. Millennial Pink

Here’s our pick of the 10 trends you can leave in 2018 | House and Leisure

Because it softened and lightened up the previously stark minimalism of the 2000s, we’ll always have a soft spot for this iconic shade – but it’s time to widen your colour horizons.

What trend to choose instead: deep, warm hues such as plum, mustard and terracotta.

2. Pendant Lights Hung Low Over Basins and Dining Tables

This is probably a trend to blame on Pinterest, because it does look great in inspirational images. But we’ll skip smacking our foreheads on the naked light bulb, thanks – and the quality of light you get isn’t that great either.

What trend to choose instead: if you love pendants, use them in a location where they can be safely shown off, and in the bathroom, go with ceiling, wall-mounted or smartly designed task lighting.

3. Craft Gin

Look, we’re still going to drink it, and so should you – but with literally everyone on Earth now apparently distilling their own gin, it’s time to move on just a little.

What trend to choose instead: rum or tequila. We’re thrilled by all the new alcohol trends and local versions that are emerging now, and especially like Hope on Hopkins’ Esperanza Reposado and Copeland Rum.

Trends To Leave Behind | House and Leisure

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4. Destination Celebrations

Here’s our pick of the 10 trends you can leave in 2018 | House and Leisure

It’s our pleasure to report that after cresting the wave of popularity over the last few years, parties that involve travelling to remote destinations are now looking a touch over-the-top.

What trend to choose instead: the coolest way to get married right now is in your own back yard. And we mean that literally – forget the celebrity trends and host your wedding in your garden and see how much your guests will love you.

5. Rose Gold

Whether it’s mixers or decor accessories, it’s time to let go of rose gold (and to be perfectly honest, we were never that crazy about it to start with).

What trend to choose instead: when it comes to tap trends, go for completely unadorned brass or matt black. And the decor accessories we’re all stocking up on right now are plants (see more on this below).

6. A Scattering of Indoor Plants

With interior greenery very much back in vogue, just about everyone has managed to add a couple of plants to their indoor spaces over the past few years.

What trend to choose instead: more of the same! This is actually a trend we think should get WAY BIGGER in 2019. Rather than three touches of greenery in your home, aim for 10! Let’s make it a jungle in here, people… plus, for extra cred, choose one (sorry, several) of these plant trends: Pilea peperomioides (aka the Chinese money plant), the awesome ZZ plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) and trailing succulents such as Hoya linearis or a String of Beads (Senecio radicans).

Trends To Leave Behind | House and Leisure

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7. Food Not Served On Plates

Here’s our pick of the 10 trends you can leave in 2018 | House and Leisure

Just like the good people at We Want Plates, we don’t want our burger on a board or our salad on a slate – please, please just give us a plate!

What trend to choose instead: just a plate, please. We’re so desperate, we’ll even happily accept one of those square ’90s numbers, but of course, bespoke crockery designed just for your meals works even better.

8. Domestic Swimming Pools

As we continue to learn in 2019, South African is a seriously water-scarce country. So although everyone loves a cooling dip during this hottest time of the year, it’s genuinely getting tough to justify having a swimming pool at home. (If your pool is rectangular, 10 by five metres in size and 1.5 metres deep, that means it contains 65 000 litres of water.)

What trend to choose instead: a public pool, dam or ocean near you.

Trends To Leave Behind | House and Leisure

9. Almond Milk

Expensive and rather environmentally demanding – after all, growing a single almond requires four litres of water (although of course, dairy milk requires much more water than this for its production) – almond milk is a well-known alternative to dairy, but there are other options out there.

What trend to choose instead: oat milk is our lactose-free choice of the moment. And you can make your own at home in five minutes.

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10. Leopard Print

So ubiquitous in fashion over the past decade that it’s been confidently declared to be a neutral, leopard print is looking just a little bit beyond its sell-by date right now (especially in interiors).

What trend to choose instead: slinky snake print – for boudoir curtains, if you dare, and a few sexy scatter cushions if you’re just dipping a toe in the trend.