Grab your cuppa joe on the go at SA's first independent and speciality coffee drive thru, Vintage Coffee, in Midrand, Johannesburg.

SA's First Speciality Coffee Drive Thru Opens


Coffee Drive Thru | House and Leisure


Owned and operated by Vintage Coffee, a South African company, the drive thru launched in the middle of August and is the ideal spot for busy coffee lovers to get their dose of caffeine without having to stop off and park. 

Co-owner of Vintage Coffee Kevin Clark explains the inspiration behind opening a South African first in Johannesburg.

'Vintage [Coffee], as a brand, has a pioneering spirit. We love new things and trying new ways of making coffee and doing business. We had seen the fast food chains do and it seems like people want the convenience of it, so we thought we would bring the coffee to the people or at least meet them halfway. Also to be the first independent and speciality coffee drive thru is a cool thing,' he says. 

Coffee Drive Thru | House and Leisure

The conveniently located drive thru also offers a sit-down service for customers, ensuring they have a brew-tiful day, and is open from 6.30am to 4pm daily.

Coffee that scores 80 and above out of a 100 on a graded scale can be considered speciality coffee. These types of coffee are usually grown in special and ideal climates, and for their distinctive and full-bodied flavour.  

Clark explains that Vintage Coffee utilises 80% and above in graded-scale coffee to ensure that each cup of coffee it produces is exceptional. 'We are serving a blend of Brazil and Tanzania in our espresso based drinks ... and then on our filter (batch) option we serve a variety of single origins.' 

In mainting an ethos of sustainability, Clark says that it is of pivotal importance that the beans are sourced responsibly. 

'We work with local importers to source high quality relationship coffee: this means the importer gives us access to the farmers and all their info so we can be sure we are being responsible and adding to humanity even when buying coffee.'

Coffee Drive Thru | House and Leisure

Vintage Coffee also aims to educate the public on coffee and foster a sense of community through its Green Bean programme, which functions to educate volunteers on everything there is to know about coffee. 

Since opening, the Vintage Coffee drive thru has been a great sucess, serving a large number of customers daily. 

'We have definitely had a great turnout so far. It’s a simple, convenient offering for people that are on the road and it’s definitely worth it,' says Clark.

Coffee Drive Thru | House and Leisure

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