Revamp Space #3 - Waterside Luxe

With an introduction of light and colour, a once dull and dated apartment in Cape Town's V&A Waterfront took on an air of sophisticated luxury.

Elsa Young
Sumari Krige

Waterside Luxe | House and Leisure

An investment purchase by three British business partners, this luxury apartment was destined for short-term holiday rentals. 

‘It ticks all the boxes for the clients: a central location, beautiful views of Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront and the marina, and great security,’ explains Sumari Krige of La Grange Interiors, who was invited by them to tackle a complete refurbishment. 

‘The plan was to do a major renovation, as we felt that all the fixtures and fittings were dated,’ says Krige. ‘My team and I were to give the space a major facelift, bring in more light, modernise the living areas, implement a more current, chic colour and material palette, and furnish the apartment as a luxury holiday rental to international standards. We started immediately on the design phase, which is always an exciting and creative part of the process.’ 

Waterside Luxe | House and Leisure Waterside Luxe | House and Leisure

The more challenging building phase had to adhere to strict time schedules (10am to 2pm daily), so as to minimise noise and disturbance to neighbouring tenants. ‘This meant that the whole process took longer than it would on another site, or on a standalone property,’ she explains. 

On where she sought inspiration for the new look, Krige says, ‘We took liberties with edgy colours, fabrics, furniture and accessories, as we approached the project in much the same way as we would a boutique hotel. The bathrooms are reminiscent of glam powder rooms, with pastel walls, big, fun mirrors and brass accents. We opted for lighter joinery finishes – off-white with solid ash detail – in order to keep the space light and airy.

Waterside Luxe | House and Leisure

Continuously seeing black and grey can be tiring, so we went for various shades of green on the walls with light wood accents.

The oval-shaped sofa is a great conversation point, and deviates from the traditional rectangular sofa and two occasional chairs. Being allowed free rein to implement our own vision is often key, and a defining factor in how a revamp will turn out.’

The difference between the shell they were presented with and the finished product is striking.

‘The whole space feels dramatically different, but the main living area feels the most transformed to me, with so much light flooding in. Also, by replacing all the original cherry-wood joinery, the space immediately feels 20 times more welcoming.’

Waterside Luxe | House and Leisure

Krige’s favourite part is the master suite. ‘It’s luxurious without being uptight or grandiose. Lying in bed, you look out over the marina, and it’s peaceful, too,’ she says. ‘You can’t beat this location – it’s perfect for visitors to Cape Town.’

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