From virtual reality stations to talented young graduates, here are five of the things that we loved most at the RMB Turbine Art Fair 2019.

Five Things We Loved At RMB Turbine Art Fair 2019


RMB Turbine Art Fair | House and Leisure

The 2019 edition of the RMB Turbine Art Fair was packed full of exciting new additions as well as familiar favourites.

From the new venue in Illovo, which created some (very intimate) little booth spaces we definitely liked, to the rooms of up-and-coming artists and projects, it was all very fresh and fun. Word on the street is also that the organisers plan to keep on changing the venue each year, which should keep this burst of fresh energy alive. 

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If you weren’t able to make the event, or just want to relive it a little, we’ve rounded up some of our favourites, including a few artists we’ll be keeping an eye on as their careers progress. 

House and Leisure's 5 Favourites at the RMB Turbine Art Fair 2019

1. The Graduate Show

RMB Turbine Art Fair | House and Leisure

With so many students coming out of our universities each year, it can be difficult to keep track of who is who, and what each space specialises in, but that’s what the immensely interesting Graduate Show is all about.

We fell in love with Bulumko Mbete’s blanket sculptures and Katarina Sakoschek’s bold paintings. Kim Makin’s 'Racialism' work, which made use of pine blocks and ‘nude’ pantyhose, also got us thinking about representation, and how those forms can exist on walls, or in a gallery space. 

2. Thirza Schaap’s Plastic Ocean

RMB Turbine Art Fair | House and Leisure

A fascinating study of the plastic slowly filling our oceans has become the subject, and material, of artist Thirza Schaap's Plastic Ocean series.

Her exhibition at Candice Berman Gallery’s booth was a presentation of sculptures that the artist had created out of plastic pieces she had collected on her beach walks around the globe. The odd juxtaposition of everyday trash styled and carefully lit like Dutch Romantic paintings immediately made us lust for one of these captivating pieces. 

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3. Kalashnikovv Gallery’s booth

RMB Turbine Art Fair | House and Leisure

The team at Kalashnikovv Gallery keep on serving up fresh work by new and previously loved artists. We especially enjoyed the beautifully expressive paintings of Lucy Jane Turpin – so full of colour and movement – at their booth this year. 

Theresa-Anne Mackintosh’s captivating lineworks and Io Makandal's immensely attractive compositions of shape and colour were additional highlights. It’s great to see one of the youngest galleries on the scene consistently delivering interesting work, and we can’t wait to see what they do next. 

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4. Olivié Keck's virtual reality

RMB Turbine Art Fair | House and Leisure

Our obsession with Olivié Keck reached new heights at this year's fair, where the artist presented a virtual-reality version of her recent exhibition, which was held at Circa Gallery in Johannesburg.

Keck's way with colour, line and form came to life in a world we found quite hard to escape, but which we were happy to finally experience in as real a reality as technology allows.  

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5. The Free State Art Collective

There are such interesting things happening in the Free State!

We absolutely loved this presentation of little-known artists who came together to present a really interesting selection of work under the banner of the Free State Art Collective. Among this, it was especially good to see the work of immensely talented ceramicist Zanoxolo Mgqeku, who also just happens to be one of this year’s House and Leisure Next Level creatives. 

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