Celebrate Spring With Hendrick’s Gin’s New Midsummer Solstice

Midsummer Solstice – master distiller Lesley Gracie’s new, refreshing concoction for Hendrick's Gin – will take you on a flower-filled sensory adventure.


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Spring is here, and we can think of no better way to celebrate the coming burst of flora than with the brand new Midsummer Solstice – Hendrick’s Gin’s latest limited-edition release by master distiller Lesley Gracie.

Described by the innovative distiller as a botanical blend ‘inspired by the everlasting mystery of nature’s most effervescent blooms’, this is an enchantingly floral and exquisitely refreshing gin that blossoms on the palate while remaining unmistakably Hendrick’s. 

Midsummer Solstice, which is beautifully packaged in a new purple bottle with whimsical botanical illustrations on the label, is the first release from the master distiller’s Cabinet of Curiosities at the new Hendrick’s Gin Palace.

Gracie’s curious cabinet is an actual cabinet – which, she reminds us, is always safely locked – where she stores the most interesting gins and ingredients that she has crafted and sourced. 

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Hendrick's Gin, Lesley Gracie, Master Distiller
Master distiller Lesley Gracie of Hendrick's Gin.

Gracie says she is has long been drawn to the sensory moment of the summer solstice, when the Earth is tilted maximally toward the sun, peaking the abundant aromas of flowers in full bloom.

‘I have always been enamored by the power of nature’s flavours and aromas at the peak of summer,’ Gracie says, ‘and for this new expression I’ve hand-selected each floral essence to capture this intensity.’ 

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To enjoy this unique, one-of-a-kind botanical blend we would recommend a light gin spritzer like the Midsummer Solstice Spritz below, but the spirit’s deeply floral character makes for a refreshing delight in a host of mixed drinks and cocktails.

Here’s a recipe straight from Hendrick’s themselves that is simple enough for even the most amateur of mixologists to create. Of course it's also sure to impress even the most discerning palate during the coming, blissful spring days. 

How To Enjoy Hendrick’s Gin New Limited-Edition Midsummer Solstice

Mix your Hendrick’s Midsummer Solstice Spritz in a wine glass, full of cubed ice, with:

  • 50ml Hendrick’s Midsummer Solstice
  • 50ml sparkling wine
  • 150ml tonic water
  • Cucumber ribbon and a slice of orange to garnish 

Hendrick’s Gin limited-edition Midsummer Solstice is now available at Makro and other leading liquor outlets countrywide. Enjoy responsibly. Not for sale to persons under the age of 18.

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