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Abalobi To Bring Home Their Ethical Seafood Offering

Brilliant news for seafood fans: Abalobi, the app that has revolutionised the industry in the Western Cape, is going to make itself available to home cooks.

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Abalobi | House and Leisure

Abalobi, the app that has revolutionized the seafood industry in the Western Cape is in the pipeline of making its app available to home cooks.

Now, not only the Cape’s top chefs can enjoy fresh, responsibly caught fish, shellfish and squid.

A bone of contention for years, most South Africans are put off the idea of cooking and eating fish at home due to experiences with less than fresh supermarket seafood. Aiming to not only get us eating more fish, Abalobi is the driving force when it comes to supporting our local small-scale fishing industry. 

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Abalobi | House and Leisure

Still in the planning phase, Abalobi’s initiative aims to connect home cooks with the seafood cultivated and caught by fishers along the Cape western and southern coasts – a stronger push to close the circle between supplier and consumer and make eating consciously caught seafood a priority.

According to the app’s CEO, Serge Raemaekers, extending Abalobi to home cooks is an idea that has been formulating since its inception. 

'We have sent out a survey to gauge interest. The response has overall been very positive. The idea is at the moment to have home cooks who have registered to buy on the marketplace to list themselves as individual so we can gauge the level of public interest.'

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Abalobi | House and Leisure

Once a home cook has placed an order for the various catches brought in by Abalobi fishers, collection would take place at a central point – most likely in the greater Cape Town area.

As Serge says, 'The end result is to provide members of the public with access to a fully traceable, storied seafood product. Those who have registered and are willing to collect from our point will get a notification that "Catch of the Day" is live on the Abalobi Marketplace app, where they can then login and select the species and weight that they are after. They will be able to pay online and will receive a unique set of QR codes allowing them to trace the fish back to the fisher that caught it.'

Abalobi | House and Leisure

We think that all Cape Town-based home cooks who are keen to make use of Abalobi’s unique service in the future should definitely register on their site here as soon as possible.

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