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10 questions with Lina Iris Viktor

For our luxury-themed print issue this month we profiled Lina Iris Viktor, the New York-based conceptual artist who works in 24K gold. Viktor’s art aims to ignite what she calls 'our residual DNA – information that is passed down through generations'. It’s about metaphysics, cosmology, ancient history and what it means to be beings of light in the universe. For this online supplement we asked Viktor a selection of questions from the Proust Questionnaire to get to know this radiant artist a little better. What is your idea of perfect happiness? Peace of mind and beautiful surroundings. Positive people that support and enhance that peace. What is your greatest fear? Doing nothing – changing nothing. Not expressing myself. What is your greatest extravagance? I use 24K gold in my work... a lot of it. In terms of how our society regards gold, I am sure many would deem that extravagant. However, I utilise gold for its sacred/spiritual value, so to me it is not extravagant, but rather priceless. Although I may be beholden to the modern, misconceived notions of gold as a measurement of monetary value to be able to use it in my work, I do not uphold this misrepresentation. What is your current state of mind? Clear. I have clarity. Which words or phrases do you most overuse? It’s a new time. What or who is the greatest love of your life? I have barely lived – ask me that when I’m around 100. Where would you most like to live? Somewhere on the continent – where exactly? TBD. I need to see more. What is your most treasured possession? Nothing material. My intellect and vision – they are both finally reaching a point of maturation that I have felt at a latent state all of my life. What is your most marked characteristic? I’m a workaholic – for better or worse. I sometimes lack discipline but when I focus I know that anything can be done. Anyone who knows me knows this. What is your motto? Everything is exactly as it should be, always.
Read our profile on Lina Iris Viktor in the November 2017 issue of House and Leisure – in stores and online now.