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A Quarantini Recipe For Lockdown

A non-alcoholic quarantini to get you through the lockdown period. 


It is no surpise that the 'quarantini' is all the rage at the moment. Defined as 'a drink that is easily made with just a few ingredients that can be sipped on while stuck at home' by the internet, our current favourite take on the trend is this refreshing cocktail recipe by Seedlip

Seedlip is the world's first non-alcoholic spirit brand and was launched in 2015. This recipe calls for the use of the Seedlip Garden 108, featuring tasting notes of handpicked peas and hay with a complex herbal base character of spearmint, rosemary and thyme.

In addition, Seedlip's spirits boasts zero calories and to top it off, they are sugar free, sweetener free and artificial flavour-free.

Seedlip is available for online purchase here



  • Seedlip Garden 108
  • Tonic water 
  • Peas


  •  Add 50 ml Seedlip Garden to a highball glass
  •  Top with quality tonic
  • · Add a handful of peas and enjoy


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