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Love Land exhibition

Pretoria-born artist Wayne Barker’s current exhibition, aptly titled Love Land, is an interesting development from his body of work thus far. As in the past, the politics of representation is the dominant theme at the core of this exhibition, as Barker explores how the media depicts the African continent – and South Africa in particular. Love Land is an expression of his view that the South African landscape is a ‘love child’ or a product of 'deviant sexuality'. The images are therefore very graphic, emotional, expressive, and, at times, disturbing. Explaining the source of his inspiration, Barker says, ‘I’m interested in how the media, through popular images, inform, confuse and rape the African continent. For the past two decades I’ve also been dealing with land, which is quite trendy now. My approach has been to deconstruct the icons of South African painting, particularly works by Pierneef.’ There is a definite collage-effect present in his work, along with other signature techniques preferred by the artist, including the use of neon colours and digital manipulation, ‘expressionist gestures juxtaposed by neatly outlined African pop imagery’, as well as reference to traditional South African crafts. The exhibition is now underway and will conclude on 6 October 2012 at CIRCA on Jellicoe, 2 Jellicoe Avenue, Rosebank, Joburg. Call 011-788-4805 or visit