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Eco-conscious Art

After ten years of working in New York, Israel-born artist Galia Gluckman returns to South Africa, where she grew up and the place she calls 'home'. Now local audiences can enjoy access to her future work, which is all about vibrant recycled art. With a background in lingerie design, Galia's approach to art is influenced by her knowledge of fashion, giving her compositions a somewhat textile quality. What results in large-scale colourful landscapes, Galia starts from intricate patterns. These small details  evoke the gem-like mosaic of Gustav Klimt's pictures. But instead of painting, she cuts up old magazines into tiny blocks and fits them one by one into a collage intimating the tiles of authentic mosaic work. Creating layers of paper adds another dimension to the composition, rendering it visually tactile. For Galia, the engaging repetitive process of mosaic is a form of meditation, and she finds a kind of creative catharsis in "order rising from disorder". She started using recyclable materials like paper shopping bags and old magazines, as it frees her to make art with a conscience. Through sharing her work, she hopes to create awareness about conserving environmental energy and resources. This "Green Art" won her the Global Green Artist Challenge at the 2009 International Art Expo in New York. As part of a beautification project in New York, she was commissioned to design an original recycled piece to be displayed in a train station, covering 7,3 metres wide by 1,2 metres long. Galia works from her studio in Constantia, in her home shared with her husband and two children. She has plans to exhibit in both Cape Town and Johannesburg in the near future. Her work is sure to wow audiences, not to mention some of SA's young and aspiring "green" artists. For news of her latest exhibitions, visit the Galia Gluckman website here.