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Cycology Electric Bicycle Tours

Photographs Pascale Beroujon Hop on to one of Cycology's A2B Metro electric bicycles and take an exciting tour (with a guide) around the Mother City. Cycology has created five unique tours to cater for bike enthusiasts: 1. The Raw Beauty Tour will guide you around Cape Town's breathtaking natural beauty. 2. The Beauty By Design Tour takes you on a journey of unique design objects and off-beat local hotspots. 3. The Beauty of Age Tour leads you through a number of cultural heritage sites and museums around the City Bowl. 4. The Bespoke Tour is designed for a minimum of 10 people and customised to provide a perfect group outing. 5. The Mount Nelson Tour sends you on a trip through the peaceful hotel grounds and around town. All tours are guided by a professional 'cycologist'. If you prefer to do your own thing, you can rent an electric bicycle too. Costs are R150 for one hour, R350 for a half day and R750 for a full day. You can book through the Mount Nelson Concierge at 021-483-1000 or call the cycologist on 076-062-7797. Email bookings to For more information visit