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Bamileke Stools

Bring a piece of Cameroon's history to your home with one of these beautiful Bamileke Stools from togu'na.  Traditionally used to show status, wealth and social rank by the Bamileke people, today they are used and displayed in homes all over the world as side tables or coffee tables. insitu25 The stools are carved by hand from a solid piece of relatively fast-growing soft wood in Foumban (the arts and culture capital of Cameroon) using traditional methods and design. Each stool takes several weeks to produce and is a collaboration between carvers in the village who work under supervision of the master carver, who traces out the designs, assigns tasks and oversees the overall process. togu’na has developed a sustainable relationship with their carvers in Fouban over many years. Their collaboration ensures products made are of a high standard, reinforcing their quality ethic. Their customised workshop means that they can offer a wide variety of finishes, styles and sizes that are shipped all over the world. insitu15

Retail from R2 000.

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