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The ‘StayThe****Home Desk’ We All Need

Create your own cardboard work from home desk with this downloadable design template

Supplied, Stykka

If you’re tired of working at your breakfast nook, or even from the couch, a Danish design company has got you covered.

Stykka, a Danish design and smart manufacturing company, has created a template for a desk that you can recreate at home using 100% recyclable materials.  

On the Stykka website, a statement explains the drive behind creating the desk. ‘In these COVID-19 times authorities around the world are encouraging you and I to work from home in order to stop the virus from spreading further. This has created an urgent demand for us to find ways to set up workstations at home.’

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With sustainability in mind, Stykka has used 100% FSC-Certified recycled cardboard so that the desks can be recycled once the quarantine period is over.

Although the desk is made out of cardboard, the Stykka team worked tirelessly to ensure that it could withstand the weight of two grown men.

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The design and techniques used to create the desk have ensured that it is a durable space to work on. The easy flat pack can be assembled in minutes and can be aesthetically pleasing addition to your home as you design and create the perfect WFH space. 


The ‘StayThe****Home’ desk is available for purchase from Stykka priced at an estimated R1549,46  (USD85). 

If you are wanting to DIY the desk a printable/downloadable design template can be found here.

As Stykka merges design with technology, the company has created an AR version of the desk to visualise how it will look in your home. 


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